At Northern Hospitality, we believe that creativity and tenacity are equally necessary to delivering extraordinary visitor experiences in the hospitality and event business. We pride ourselves on the results we deliver for the properties that trust us to manage them profitably, sustainably, and in a committed community-minded manner.

With over three decades of history developing, operating, and managing properties across New England, our team brings significant breadth and depth of experience, focus, capability, cutting edge vision, and uncompromising execution to each unique client we work with.

Our management team members live in the communities where they work. They are committed to the neighborhoods our properties are located in, their history, and their future at the forefront of the practice of 21st century hospitality.

For us, hospitality is about far more than the quality of a hotel stay. It includes that, but absorbs each and every aspect of guest experience – from them moment of the first inquiry through to the repeat visit at one of our properties, and beyond. Every point along this trajectory is a moment of truth, and we know each one is as important as the next. Excellence is earned one step at a time, and we owe that outcome to everyone we work with.

Our team manages to a triple bottom line: profitability, sustainability, and community engagement.

The properties we manage range from iconic full-serve hotels to top-notch focused-serve hotels; outdoor event venues with ice-rinks, summer concerts, beer festivals; restored historic rail buildings that host trade shows, weddings, and music festivals; and multi-tenanted mixed-use buildings whose tenants range from craft breweries and restaurants to circus arts training facilities and tech office companies. We love the challenge of meeting our clients’ unique needs from every angle, and building a network of partners, collaborators, and operators who see this business as opportunity to put something on the face of the earth we can all enjoy and be proud of.

We welcome the opportunity to be in touch with property owners looking to take their operations to the next level.

List Of Managed Properties


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